Crazy Miner Bob

Our latest iPhone game.
Crazy Miner Bob used to be a regular guy, with a house, a cat and a day job, until he got caught by the gold rush. Nowadays, he spends every waking hour digging for gold in his back yard… But is he really crazy? Or is there really gold out there? And should he have kept the cat, as there seem to be some wicked, thieving mice down there…..

CrazyMinerBob is a gold digging arcade game with a twist at every turn. Grab the gold, the rocks and the diamonds to score enough points within the time limit to get you into the next level, but look out for those pesky mice, because they sure are a nuisance!


- 48 fantastic levels
- Increasingly difficult; accept the challenge!
- Fun for all ages (no violence!)
- Game Center support
- OpenFeint support
- New worlds and levels coming in follow-up versions for free!

Players beware: you may be spending every waking moment from now on digging for gold….

7 thoughts on “Crazy Miner Bob

    • Dear Italo,

      I am glad you enjoying the game. We have already released a 5 level bonus package in our latest update and we will be releasing a Christmas special soon.


  1. Dear all,

    First of all, congrats for the game, it quite a company when at the throne or waiting outdoors!!

    I’m at the 3rd season in the winter series, level 25, but i’m stuck and can’t figure out how to pass the level. Is it mandatory to pick all the diamond (this one is a candy), or just score, and what is it?!


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